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What Steps Businesses Were Able to Take When Working With Staffing Companies During the COVID Shutdown

How Did Businesses Continue Working With Their Staffing Partners During the Shutdown? - The Panther Group

The pandemic and ensuing shutdown in many regions left many businesses in chaos. Staffing firms fortunately offered the ability to be flexible and respond quickly to unexpected change is part of their mission and business model. As companies struggled to adapt to the new reality and keep their organizations moving forward, staffing partners like The Panther Group were able to step in when needed most.

How Did Companies Benefit From Working With Staffing Companies During the Shutdown?

1. Filling in for absent employees

Many employees needed to take leave at some point during the pandemic. Whether they became ill, needed to care for family members or were dealing with childcare gaps, critical positions went vacant. However, employers did not want to permanently replace valued employees. Instead, they turned to staffing firms to provide highly qualified temporary employees to bridge the gap until the full-time employees were ready to return.

2. Taking on COVID-related responsibilities

Jobs that no one could have anticipated became necessary during the coronavirus pandemic. Screeners were needed to ensure anyone entering the building was healthy. Specialized cleaners are required to keep surfaces sanitized. Facilities staff were called into service to arrange workspaces to accommodate social distancing. Since these are unlikely to be permanent additions to the workforce, partnering with a staffing firm is an ideal solution.

3. Helping High-Demand Businesses Keep Up

Not all sectors experienced a pandemic downturn. Medical device manufacturing, healthcare and logistics are just a few industries that experienced an increase in business from the pandemic. Staffing firms provide qualified, experienced help quickly enabling them to take advantage of new opportunities and provide the resources needed to meet increased demand.

4. Providing Project-Based Help

Some of the increased opportunity comes in the form of short-term opportunities that companies may not have the full-time staff to handle. Whether they needed people with specialized skills or just to increase staff to keep up with demand presented, staffing firms have the resources and support they need.

5. Identifying Remote-Savvy Candidates

If recruiting remote employees is not part of the manager’s skill set, they can rely on the expertise of a staffing and recruiting partner. They have more experience in identifying not only the skills and experience needed for the position, but also find people who can perform their duties effectively from a remote location.

6. Assisting in Screening Prospects

With many companies operating remotely or wishing to minimize the number of new people their employees were exposed to, they turned to staffing firms to minimize the  candidates entering the office.

The pandemic caught nearly everyone off guard, but staffing firms were able to bring a unique expertise to the new challenges businesses face. Chances are you’re continuing to experience new challenges and opportunities and challenges in the pandemic and its aftermath. If you would like expert assistance, contact the specialists at The Panther Group.

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