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Training Your Team Effectively in 2021: How Adults Learn Best in a Remote World

The Panther Group - Training Your Team Effectively in 2021_ How Adults Learn Best in a Remote World

As remote work becomes more commonplace, businesses are taking a step back and considering methods that take a proactive, strategic approach to including  work-from-home options. Many companies acted quickly to pivot to remote work during the pandemic, but such this reactive approach often led to a patchwork solution, which was better than nothing, but not ideal.  

Now, leaders have time to develop a more proactive approach to managing their remote workforce. That includes training. 

What are the best ways to train remote workers effectively? 

Set Deadlines 

While you might not want to micromanage employees on their day-to-day tasks, without a deadline, some employees may never get around to completing their training. It’s not that they are trying to avoid learning; it can just be challenging to find the time when there are more urgent priorities. 

Let Them Set The Pace 

While deadlines provide a finish line, remember some employees would rather binge train over a weekend, and others prefer learning a little bit at a time. 

Break Training Into Small Chunks 

It may be easier for employees to complete and retain training that can fit into small amounts of downtime. It’s even more convenient if they can access materials on their mobile devices. 

Offer Some Synchronous Learning 

While people can learn well on their own for the most part, mixing in Zoom or similar real-time video training platforms can improve engagement and reduce feelings of isolation. 

Present Webinars 

If you want to get all users together at once to communicate information, webinars can be an efficient way of doing it. Be sure it is visually appealing and not too long. Record the presentation in case anyone misses it live.  

Schedule Training Hours 

If employees have a difficult time fitting training into their schedule, consider slotting a regular time into the schedule weekly. 

Used Shared Documents 

Collecting all documents in one central repository can make it easier for employees to find training materials when they need them.  

Gamify the Experience 

Training can be a bit dry sometimes. If you can find a way to make it fun with goals and prizes, employees can be more motivated and engaged. 

Partner With The Panther Group  

If remote work is part of your strategy going forward, it may be time to develop long term strategies for hiring, managing and training employees who work from home.  

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