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Summer Strategies for Keeping Your Work and Life Balanced

Summer Strategies for Keeping Your Work and Life Balanced The Panther Group

No matter how dedicated you are to your career, staying focused in the summer presents a challenge for most. As soon as the weather heats up, minds tend to shift to vacation mode. But that’s not all bad. Balancing your work life and your home life can improve the quality of both.  

How To Balance Work and Fun This Summer!

Spend Some Time Outdoors 

Especially for those living in areas that experience cold winters, it’s important to take advantage of summer weather. That can be as simple as taking your laptop to your back deck or local park if you have that flexibility or scheduling a daily walk into your day. Whatever you choose, try to enjoy the weather while it lasts. 

Pull Out the Calendar and Look at The Whole Season 

It’s easy to let the summer get away from you if you don’t take time to schedule some fun. Sure, spontaneity sounds great, but realistically, if you don’t calendar a few events, you’ll allow your weekends to be consumed by yardwork or checking your email and getting sucked into work. See what festivals, shows, sporting events are coming up. Choose the ones you are interested in and buy tickets now. 

Take A Few Fridays Off 

Even if you’re not taking a full week’s vacation this summer, three-day weekends can make the season more enjoyable. Use the extra day to get chores out of the way or to travel to a weekend destination. The reality for many is that half the weekend is taken up by must-dos. Adding an extra day can ensure the whole weekend is yours to enjoy. 

Take Work or Breaks Outside 

There’s so much that can be done outdoors. Make your lunch a picnic – on your own or invite family or friends. Invite clients to play golf or attend an afternoon baseball game. It’s a great way to do business while enjoying the weather and building goodwill. 

Avoid the Summer Sunday Scaries 

It’s common for people to dread Mondays, but for some, it’s caused the fear of the unknown or feeling unprepared for the week again. Taking an hour on Sunday to plan your week can be a big help. You can set up your calendar and make a to-do list. Get the week off to a great start by planning lunches and even wardrobe choices for the week and anticipate meetings and travel. It’s important to know yourself. If planning on Sunday evening causes anxiety or insomnia, choose another time such as Sunday morning, Friday afternoon, or even early Monday. 

Why Is Summer Work/Life Balance So Important?  

It’s a great way to refresh and renew and be ready for the final quarter of the year. Summer is also a great time to set new goals and evaluate progress on your current ones. Grab a notebook and a gold drink and head outside. Are you happy with the progress you’ve made on your goals for the year? Do you need to eliminate or add objectives for you to be happy with your accomplishments at year-end? 

Consider Your Career Options 

Part of your introspection can include considering whether your current job is meeting your needs. Could a few tweaks make you happier with your current job? Is there a promotion or lateral move you can make within the company? Is it time to update your resume and see what opportunities are out there for you? Even if you don’t want to make a move over the summer, you will be ahead of the game when employers are ready to hire in the fall. 

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