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4 Reasons Why the Panther Group Is Your True Workforce Management Partner

4 Reasons Why the Panther Group Is Your True Workforce Management Partner The Panther Group

The Panther Group has been helping employers find top talent for professional, accounting & finance, engineering, life sciences, information technology, and federal positions since 1992. They began providing workforce management services when Panther Workforce Solutions was established in 2003. We have a long history of operating successfully in a sector many companies are just now considering. Best of all we offer four different service options. Choose the one that meets your needs.

This is what one of our clients, John, had to say about working with us.

“I enjoyed the process of scoping out the role requirements and defining the strengths and qualities of the candidate that we were trying to hire. Subsequently all candidates submitted for review were high caliber and brought individual strengths to the table. This saved a lot of time and effort in terms of filtering. I will definitely use The Panther Group for any additional new hires and would highly recommend to anyone.” (April 2021)

4 Workforce Solutions Options Give You 4 Reasons to Make us Your Workforce Partner

1. Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider (MSP) streamlines the management of a large contingent workforce. The Panther Group enables employers to source talent from multiple vendors under a single umbrella MSP, reduce employment risks and ensure regulatory compliance, and simplify communication. As your MSP, we handle all administrative tasks, including placing job orders, training, managing, and hiring and firing temporary staff. We’ll work with you to establish performance metrics and will provide regular reporting to ensure you always know employees are meeting your standards, tasks are completed on schedule, project deadlines are met, and costs are under control. Another advantage of working with The Panther Group is our position as a diversity, equity, and inclusion recruiter.

2. Vendor on Premise

Vendor on Premise (VOP) makes it easier for employers to manage a large temporary workforce. Our on-site management oversees every detail for you, freeing you to focus on more pressing (and revenue-generating) tasks. Panther VOP services provide a single point-of-contact responsible for managing day-to-day administrative tasks, ensuring workforce compliance, and mitigating risks, overseeing the management of your temporary workforce, and answering any questions or concerns.

3. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) takes responsibility for your entire recruitment process. It’s an efficient and cost-effective method of hiring. Our RPO service includes recruiting, interviewing, screening, onboarding, and hiring. It’s an ideal option for companies that don’t have a dedicated human resources department or those whose HR team is simply stretched too thin. Panther’s RPO shortens time to hire and reduces the cost per hire while improving candidate quality and retention rates.

4. Payrolling

Payrolling is a smart solution for managing the administrative tasks associated with your payroll function for candidates you have identified and would like to employ as temporary staff.

As the employer of record, we handle payroll and benefits, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims, compliance, co-employment liability, unemployment taxes, and workers’ compensation costs.

Partner With The Panther Group 

Panther’s managed recruitment solutions centralize and streamline your numerous staffing functions – driving efficiency, profitability, and performance. As experts in recruiting, managing, and training employees, Panther can help you find professionals who will thrive in your organization and have a positive impact on your business. Contact us today.

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