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Support Your Managers To Help Them Lead More Effectively and Develop Inclusive Cultures

Support Your Managers To Help Them Lead More Effectively and Develop Inclusive Cultures The Panther Group

As the talent market has become more challenging and it has become more difficult to hire, organizations are turning to an oft-neglected resource – their internal staff. But as much as promoting from within can be a smart strategy, it can require companies to develop skills new managers may be lacking. Even those who seem to be gifted with natural leadership skills still require training in order to be effective leaders.   

What Training Should Our Company Be Providing For Our Managers?

New Manager Training  

Promoting from within can also be the answer to high turnover levels. Knowing their skills are valued, and they can potentially grow their careers within the company can help boost morale and encourage top talent to stay with your company for the long term.   

Ongoing Leadership Training  

Continually working on developing your existing managers is worthwhile as well. Bad managers are frequently cited as a reason that employees choose to leave the company. Ongoing training and development can ensure leaders are the best they can be and root out those who are not well-suited for the role. Leadership training benefits your organization, the managers, and the employees they are responsible for.  

What skills do managers need?  

Communication. Active listening, conducting difficult conversations, strong written communications are all critical for an effective leader.  

Coaching. Beyond just training, coaching is an ongoing and interactive process that can help employees make the most of their skills and even reveal hidden competencies.  

Collaboration. Working as part of a team is an essential professional skill. The ability to lead in a collaborative environment is just as important. Leaders need to recognize individual contributors without interfering with team dynamics.  

Inclusiveness. Embracing diversity and forming a welcoming, inclusive culture can create a positive environment for all employees, as well as improve performance, innovation, and profitability.   

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