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How Can I Focus On My Strengths to Develop and Achieve My Career Goals?

How Can I Focus On My Strengths to Develop and Achieve My Career Goals? The Panther Group

When considering self-improvement, personally or professionally, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on overcoming your shortcomings rather than developing your strengths. While you don’t want to be held back professionally by what you may lack, it can make your outlook more negative. Developing your strengths to achieve your career goals should be exciting, not a reminder of how far you have to go. Here are a few tactics to try.  

Overcoming weaknesses feels like a chore – not an exciting opportunity. No one’s life is improved by dwelling in the negative. On the contrary, when you look for weaknesses, you will always find them. Even when you improve one, you’ll see another. It’s like looking at a beautiful garden and seeing only the weeds.  

How To Focus On Developing Your Strengths to Reach Your Goals

Identify Your Strengths and Focus on them  

Make a list of positives — what you do well, what you bring to the table, what makes you unique. Consider how these qualities contribute to the organization and can help qualify you for promotion. How can you make the most of these abilities and make them even stronger? When it comes time to volunteer for a project, don’t choose ones that don’t mesh with your strengths in an attempt to challenge yourself or prove something. Instead, choose those that highlight your best qualities. It’s more fulfilling to you and better for the organization. Even better if it’s a high-profile opportunity. Think about it. If you needed surgery, would you rather have it performed by a specialist in their field or one looking for an opportunity to overcome their weaknesses?  

Look for Inspiration, Not Competition  

Keep up with peers and leaders in your field, not to feel bad about how far ahead of you they are, but to see what to strive for. Read any publications you can find from thought leaders in your field. (A quick Google search can often reveal guest blogs or speaking engagements). Check out LinkedIn to see if you have connections in common, or even reach out to connect with a quick message. The stronger your network, the better for your career.  

Work With Others to Build Strong Teams  

As important as recognizing your own strengths is recognizing the strengths of others. When working on project teams, encourage each member to take the role best for their strongest qualities. Sometimes it can seem that certain assignments are more desirable than others, but those who land in the wrong role will soon find themselves floundering, while those who choose opportunities to develop their strengths always come out on top.  

List Your Goals   

Make a list of your career goals and what is required to achieve them. If you’re not sure, look to online job boards to find posts for your dream job, even if it’s several rungs up the ladder. Write down the requirements and preferred qualifications common to these posts. Now compare where you are now to where you need to be for consideration as a serious candidate for one of these roles. Now you’ve got your to-do list.    

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