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How To Develop Short-Term Professional Goals and Long-Term Strategies

How To Develop 1 Year Professional Goals and 3 Year Strategies The Panther Group

Setting goals can be daunting – achieving them even more challenging, but unless you want to drift through life, taking what comes, it’s a necessary part of getting what you want out of life. Everyone knows that life can throw unexpected events in your way (hello, pandemic anyone?), but just because your road trip may encounter a detour or two doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time to type your destination into the GPS.  

Goalsetting doesn’t have to be complicated; just keep in mind that it’s essential to write your goals down, refer to them often and modify them frequently. Ideally, it would be best to keep reminders of your goals where you see them frequently, such as on the lock screen of your smartphone or on post-its where you will see them often. Be sure to rewrite them or change the location frequently so they don’t blend in with your surroundings. You want them to grab your attention.  

Three Year Goal  

Don’t be afraid to dream big. Think about where you would ultimately like your career to go and analyze the steps needed to get you there. Interim goals can keep you on track. Five- or ten-year plans can be overwhelming and hard to envision. Consider instead where you need to be in three years or by the end of this year to ensure you are progressing to your target.  

One-Year Goal   

Break your three-year goal into more achievable parts, select a one-year goal, and make an action plan. What can you accomplish in a year that will get you closer to your three-year goals? You will likely be able to brainstorm several to work on, but don’t get overwhelmed. Choose one of them and draft a list of specific action items. Do you need to sign up for training? Set up a meeting with a mentor? Write a presentation, article, or part of a book? Get it all down on paper.  

Quarterly Goals  

Once you have the one-year list to work from, break it down even further into quarters. It can be tough to accomplish significant goals in a week or a month. Ninety days can be a manageable timeframe that gives you enough time to make significant inroads, but it’s still short enough to give you the satisfaction of being able to regularly check off items on your to-do list.  

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