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Should You Pursue Additional Technical Certifications?

Should You Pursue Additional Technical Certifications? The Panther Group

Technical certifications can be a valuable addition to your resume, but they can take a lot of time and energy to complete – weeks, months or even years. Certifications can require in-person training, online study, or additional prerequisites. If the company isn’t paying for the certification training, costs can add up. The question is whether the payoff is worth investing in additional technical certification. Here are a few reasons that might make it worthwhile. 

What Do Certifications Do For Your Career?

Set Yourself Apart 

If a hiring manager is deciding between you and another candidate, the right certification can give you an edge. Review several different online job posts to see which certifications employers are currently requesting or requiring. Occasionally looking at job requirements is not a bad idea, even if you have no intention of leaving your job. It’s a smart way to ensure your skills are up to date in case you decide to look for a new opportunity or you unexpectedly lose your job. 

Invest In Your Future 

If your company considers downsizing, certifications can improve your chances of keeping your job. They can be equally valuable if you are interested in a promotion. Your company may even pay for your training or reimburse you complete it. Don’t hesitate to ask. Some companies may not have a formal policy but may be willing to pay for relevant training on a case-by-case basis. Be ready to make a case for how the training can help you do your job better. “It will look great on my resume” is unlikely to earn you approval. Your reasoning should demonstrate you are committed to your job, not that you are preparing to move on. 

Meet Professional Requirements 

Some professions, manufacturers, or vendors require companies to employ a certain number of certified employees in order to maintain acceptable service levels or demonstrate expertise. It can make the difference between a company being qualified for a partner program or not. If you are one of those on staff with these in-demand certifications, your manager and the company will clearly see your value.  

Expand Your Professional Network 

If your training is in-person or you have an online cohort, you’ve got a group to interact with that has similar skills and interests. If you trained independently, you can still check for local networking events or online user groups to discuss opportunities, challenges or just or common interests. 

Reach Your Professional Goals 

Whether you have a career path you’re hoping to follow or want to be recognized as an expert in your field, certifications can be a valuable addition. Research the most in-demand certifications in your field. Make a list of those you’d like to earn and make a plan for how you can achieve those goals. 

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