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What 5 Things Should You Look For in an Employer This Year?

What 5 Things Should You Look For in an Employer This Year? The Panther Group

If you’re considering looking for a job this year, be sure you choose the right one for you. Whether you’re hoping to find a position similar to the ones you’ve had before or are seeing an entirely different opportunity, look for these five things. It’s not always that hard to find positions that will use your skills and experience. Often, the challenge is identifying real opportunities – ones where you feel valued, understood and like part of the team.  

How To Identify an Employer You Can Grow With

Career Growth  

It’s great to increase your skills to build your resume, but better yet, when you can advance your career within one company. That doesn’t mean your entry-level job should have a clear path to CEO, but with any job you take, ideally, you can see what the next two rungs on the career ladder would be and what you need to get there. Does the company support the professional development of its employees? 

Learning Opportunities  

Growing your career means learning new things that set you up for success in your current job and when promotion spots open up. Look for a company that offers training to increase your skills your current skills and learn new ones. Does the company demonstrate they are invested in your future? Do your reviews include professional development discussions?  

Skill Building  

Choose a company that’s not afraid to lose you if you do well. They should not be afraid of you learning skills that could be transferable. Some of the skills that you learn could make you eligible for jobs outside of your company. New and improved skills make you more valuable not just by building your résumé but by making you more valuable to your current team. 


Lateral moves keep you in the same place. Look for companies that will take you out of your comfort zone. Challenges that force you to stretch yourself and make you a little uncomfortable will help you be the best you can be. Trying and failing is better than being complacent. Choose companies that recognize this.  

Cultural Fit 

Look for companies whose values mesh with your own. Look at their website to see the values they claim. Investigate their reputation in the community. Learn what you can about the people they hire. Do they seem like people you would enjoy working with? See if you can talk to current employees or look at sites like Glassdoor to see what people think of working there.  

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