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Panther Cares Supports The Transgender Emergency Fund of MA


What Is Panther Cares?

Each year, people from our team nominate nonprofits for our organization to support financially.  At The Panther Group, we’re proud to support organizations that are working to make our communities better. Through Panther Cares, we make that happen! Below is one of our 2022 nominations that we are very proud to support!

Panther Cares 2022 Nomination #1TEF logo

The Transgender Emergency Fund of Massachusetts  

What is TEF? 

The Transgender Emergency Fund of Massachusetts aids with low-income and homeless transgender individuals living in Massachusetts. This includes homelessness prevention, shelter assistance, nutrition assistance, as well as financial assistance for rent, utilities, clothing, and much more.

The Transgender Emergency Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and is operated solely on donations and occasional grants.

Who They Serve

According to The Trevor Project (, 42% of transgender and nonbinary individuals surveyed in 2021 lost a job due to the pandemic, and 83% experienced a more stressful living situation. Additionally, 38% of transgender and nonbinary individuals surveyed had trouble affording food in the past month. Without job security, transgender people are forced to live in unsafe conditions or have no home at all. The Transgender Emergency Fund provides life-saving resources to transgender people living in Massachusetts.


Executive Director, Chastity Bowick describes the TEF.

“The work of TEF makes a difference in people’s lives everyday by preventing homelessness, nutrition deficiency and so much more. Seeing how the relief we provide change people’s lives for the better, gives us the motivation to work harder”

Learn More About The Transgender Emergency Fund of Massachusetts from their website.

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