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What Should You Look For in a Top Workforce Management Partner?

What Should You Look For in a Top Workforce Management Partner? The Panther Group

For many companies with a large workforce, there comes a time when they consider outsourcing workforce management to an outside provider. But the wrong workforce management provider can be worse than none at all. Here’s what you should look for in a workforce management partner and how you can choose the right one for your organization. 

Begin by defining what workforce management means to you. It can be as straightforward or as comprehensive as you choose. At its core, it simply means ensuring the right employees are in the right place, but it can offer so much more. 

A workforce management partner can: 

  • Act as the employer of record for temporary employees 
  • Provide a steady flow of qualified, pre-screened candidates 
  • Take care of all credentialing and verifications 
  • Handle onboarding and training 

 An onsite manager can handle these responsibilities, but a workforce manager takes a more proactive approach. The onsite manager can call up employees from their talent bench to fill in for absent employees. A workforce management partner can perform this service while analyzing why absentee rates are so high and developing a strategy to rectify the issue. 

We can examine: 

  • Optimal scheduling 
  • Transferrable skills 
  • Operational inefficiencies 
  • Labor costs 
  • Lost time injuries 
  • Insurance costs (and excess claims) 

What makes a workforce management partner right for you? 

An Understanding Of Your Priorities 

What are your most vexing issues? Are you facing shortages of in-demand talent? An inexplicably high turnover rate? Choose a partner with a history of addressing these problems. You need someone with a track record of success in improving the issues you are struggling with – whether that is attracting new employees, addressing skills shortages or retaining your best people. 

Experience In Your Industry 

Deploying a large-scale IT team for a rollout or upgrade is different from providing a light-industrial workforce. To begin with, the screening process is entirely different. The struggle involves varies as well. IT professionals may be recruited away to a more interesting project. Absenteeism and no-shows plague the light industrial field. A workforce partner experienced in the industry will be able to quickly backfill as needed. 

Robust Talent Bench 

Along with industry experience, you need a partner who can quickly call up talent as needed. For example, a firm specializing in engineering recruitment will give you immediate access to engineering talent. It seems obvious, but it’s important to have a partner you can trust who understands your industry and has access to the people you need when you need them. 

Make The Panther Group  Your Workforce Management Partner 

Panther is more than an accounting, IT and engineering recruitment agency; we are a proven workforce partner. Our flexible staffing and recruiting solutions can scale on demand to ensure you always have access to the talent you need. As experts in recruiting, managing, and training employees, Panther can help you find the right people when you take on new projects or grow your business. Contact us today.  

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