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4 Ways To Be More Selective When Looking For A New Job

4 Ways To Be More Selective When Looking For A New Job The Panther Group

With the current economy tilting in favor of job seekers, now is the perfect time to be more selective in your job search. You may have many opportunities you are considering applying for, or you may be juggling several attractive offers. Take your time to evaluate each job post or offer. Compare each job to each other as well as your current position. Look at all aspects of the opportunity, not just a potential pay increase. Consider options carefully to find a position that suits you well that will set you up for future success 

What Is Your Ideal Job? 

Begin by analyzing what is you want most from your career. What have you enjoyed in previous jobs? What would you prefer to avoid? Do you want to work for a company where you can advance quickly through the ranks, or are you looking for an employer where you can take a more balanced approach? Investigate company culture to find a position where you will thrive. Comparing each opportunity to your list can prevent you from being tempted to take a job that seems good on the surface but isn’t for you. 

Consider The Following 4 Ways To Be More Selective When Looking For A New Job 


What is the total compensation for the new position? Is it a bump from what you are currently earning? Can you negotiate it to a more desirable range? Is your current company likely to counter-offer? Are you interested in considering one? Be sure to perform due diligence on market rates for the position in your area. 


Benefits are an essential part of any compensation package. Don’t make the mistake of taking a position that pays more money but has an inferior benefits package. Look at what the new job offers in terms of insurance and retirement plans, of course, and vacation/PTO time. If you’ve been at your current company long enough to have three- or four-weeks’ vacation time, are you willing to go back to just a week or two? If your current job provides a car and a phone, consider the expense of buying your own now when comparing compensation packages.  


Is your commute longer with the new job? A long commute can consume more of your day than you are accustomed to. Is there a different dress code that will require you to buy new clothes? Will you be more or less comfortable in the new work environment? Does the job offer more money but less job satisfaction? 

Skills Match 

If you have an ideal job in mind, but don’t have the right skills to qualify for the position, you may need to take some time to boost those skills. Find out if the new employer has an opportunity for you to learn on the job. Perhaps it makes more sense to make a lateral move with your current employer to increase your marketability before you seek the next step in your career. You can also find opportunities to further your education on your own so you are better qualified when the time comes..  

Partner With A The Panther Group

Recruiters work closely with employers as well as job seekers. They know who is hiring and what companies are like to work for. Their advice and assistance can prevent you from making a mistake when deciding on your next job. 

At The Panther Group, our recruiting team has built relationships with a wide range of employers. We can help you choose the opportunity that’s just right for you.  

It costs you nothing to find a job through The Panther Group! We serve the following industries: Professional, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Life Sciences, Information Technology, andFederal 

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