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As A Job Seeker, Should You Accept a Counteroffer?

For some job seekers, a counteroffer is the dream scenario. You get a nice bump in salary, but you don’t have to make any changes to your employment. But don’t be too eager to accept that offer from your current employer. While it may be tempting to stick with what you know, there was a reason you decided to look for a new job in the first place. Any dissatisfaction with your current job or hopes for the new position won’t just go away.  

Did you put in your resignation and get a counter-offer? Ask Yourself the Following: 

Why did you decide to leave?  

Even if your motivation was solely to earn more money and your current company agrees to match the offer, you have to wonder why they didn’t value enough to pay you appropriately in the first place. 

What are the benefits of staying?  

Do you enjoy the work, your coworkers, the commute? It may be worth considering remaining with the company if you like everything but the pay. 

What advantages does the new job offer?  

If the new job has factors that make it a better match, it might make sense to refuse the counteroffer. Money is no cure for a bad work environment, lack of opportunity or feeling bored or frustrated at work. 

What do you really want? 

Listen to your gut. Do you picture yourself in the new company or your current one? Do you feel excited about the new opportunity or resigned about the new one? Which job is more likely to help you advance your long-term career goals? 

Consider Your Professional Reputation 

Remember, some employers won’t look at you the same way once you’ve contemplated leaving. They may keep you on only long enough to find a replacement and let you go on their own terms after your new opportunity is long gone. Even if they keep you on, they may consider your actions disloyal. They may not ever trust you fully; you could be passed over for promotions. 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 45 percent of hiring managers perceive counteroffers as a short-term cure for a long-term problem. They believe it erodes trust and employee morale. 

Make Career Moves Mindfully 

Never look for a new job simply for the offer in an attempt to force a counteroffer. It can often backfire. Make your best effort to get your current employer to pay you your worth by conducting research on market rates and making your case for a raise. Don’t get an offer from another employer unless you are prepared to seriously consider accepting. 

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