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If You’re Searching For Talent You Need To Understand the Mindset of a Top Professional

If You're Searching For Talent You Need To Understand the Mindset of a Top Professional

Top professionals are always looking to better themselves. This often translates into great people to recruit for your company. At The Panther Group, we are privileged to work with job seekers looking for direct-hire positions, contract, and contract-to-hire.  As one of the nation’s top staffing firms, we know how to find the talent you need, when you need it. This variety and hiring flexibility can add tremendous value to companies that need people with specific skill sets. So, what are these job seekers focused on?

If You’re Searching For Talent You Need To Understand the Mindset of a Top Professional

1. Top Professionals Are Looking To Make The Move Soon

In the spring, according to surveys, up to 44% of employees identified as “job seekers.” Not just open to new jobs but openly looking, networking, and searching. Some labeled the last couple of years as The Great Resignation but some are noting that this shift was long overdue and benefits companies who are looking into the future.  As with other investments, finding the right talent to take your company into the future can cost a bit more but pays dividends in the future.

2. These Professionals Excel at Their Careers and Are Open to Options With Great Companies

Many of the professionals looking for new jobs are indeed looking for higher pay, and companies that make this investment will see the benefits. These new employees have the skills and experience to bring quality and new perspectives into businesses looking to stay or become more competitive. Whether you are searching for information technology talent, engineering talent, searching for professional and clerical employees, legal talent, and more, they are out there and ready to work for the best companies they can.

3. They Are Positive About Their Work and Their Impact Wherever they “Land”

While job seekers can (and should be) picky with the companies they choose to work with and for to be a good match for their own professional reputation, they are focused on their work and the value they bring to the table.  Hiring managers and company leaders have an opportunity to land excellent talent now, while job seekers and professionals are willing to take the risk of new jobs.

4. They Know What They Want

Top professionals and job seekers want the whole “package.” If you can offer a truly great place to work, for a variety of reasons, you’ll be able to attract and retain talent more quickly in this market.

Job seekers are looking for:

  • Good pay
  • Opportunities to learn and develop new skills
  • Companies With Good Corporate and Local Reputations
  • Work That Involves Excellent Teams
  • Opportunities to Grow
  • Their Mindset is Positive
  • It’s Not Easy To Find Them But They Are Looking For You!

Is Your Company Looking For A Better Recruitment Strategy?

This is the time to excel at attracting top talent to your company.  As a top national staffing and recruitment firm, The Panther Group has  decades of experience building out professional talent pools to support companies looking for specific types of talent. Since we’ve built out these talent pools over time, we’ve been able to partner with professionals (candidates) and companies throughout their careers to the benefit of both the professional and the hiring company.

We offer a number of staffing and recruitment models to fit your company’s needs.  If you’re looking for talent to bring on board immediately, our direct-hire services are often a great option.  Many of the professionals we partner with, are employed by us as contractors to go to work for you.  You have the option of contract-to-hire (try before you buy) or to utilize this model as a project-based option with our temporary staffing services. We can support your larger teams to scale up and down as needed, across the country.  For instance, if you need call center and customer service representatives in 6 counties, we can put together those teams for you and manage the hiring, onboarding and hr related tasks through our MSP services. Improve operational efficiencies with a centralized staffing solution. Our managed staffing services increase profitability and improve performance while streamlining your staffing and management functions. The Panther Group handles every administrative task, including preparing job requisitions, managing your staffing supply chain and temporary workforce.

Our workforce solutions include: Managed Service Provider (MSP), Vendor on Premise (VOP), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and Payrolling.

Companies prefer to partner with Panther for several reasons. First, we bring our reputation as a national recruitment firm and partner to bear with over 30 years of experience. Job seekers know that we have their best interest, as well as our clients’ interests in mind. While we can help you find an employee to hire directly, we also have other options that can build flexibility into your staffing model, allowing you to grow when the time is right and achieve your financial goals at the right moment.

We’ve put together an eBook chock full of data and insights for creating a deep and effective company culture.  You can download your free copy here.

If you’re looking to bring your staffing and recruitment strategy to the next level, we’d love to offer a conversation to see if we’d be a good match.  Our reputation is extremely strong with both candidates and our clients and we’d love to bring that to bear in a potential partnership with you. Please feel free to fill out our contact form to initiate a simple and low-pressure conversation with our team.

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