How To Smoothly Execute A Career Move

A man walks to his new job that he landed with the help of a recruiter from The Panther Group

Changing careers can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor. Whether you’re looking for a new job to pursue your passion, advance your career, or simply seek a change of scenery, executing a career move smoothly is essential for your professional growth and overall well-being. In this blog, we will explore key steps to successfully transition […]

New Career? Here are 7 (ish) Career Move Tips

New Career_ Here are 7 (ish) Career Move Tips The Panther Group

Are you looking at career options? Are you thinking of switching careers or job roles? Are you just looking for a new company in a new city? Here are some pieces of advice that we see to be essential to a career move. How To Search for Jobs in Today’s Market: 1. Do Your Research […]

These Are Our Core Values – Our Name Says it All!

The Panther Group Core Values

The Panther Group is Truly Your Recruitment and Job Search Partner Our Name Says it All! P–A–N–T–H–E–R   P – Partnership and Collaboration We partner with you to land that new job or collaborate with your team to match the right staffing solutions to your company’s needs. We believe that starting with a partnership is […]

How’s Your Job Search Going in Wisconsin?

Hows Your Job Search Going? The Panther Group

Even though there are many job openings available around the country, it may seem difficult to find the right job opportunity for you. Find a job in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Kenosha and other communities in Wisconson with these six job search tips.  Six Job Search Tips For Finding a Job in Wisconsin  1. Ask Around […]

Remote Work? How To Be More Productive (Even in Your Pajamas)

Remote Work_ How To Be More Productive (Even in Your Pajamas) - The Panther Group

Companies recognize the cost savings from reducing overhead expenses such as office space, equipment, and utilities. That makes it likely that remote or hybrid work is here to stay, at least for some positions. Geographic limits to recruiting the best talent are virtually non-existent with this model. That means work-from-anywhere opportunities will continue to increase. […]

Developing Your Career Takes Time, Investment, and Precision

Developing Your Career Takes Time, Investment, and Precision - The Panther Group

Throughout the pandemic, many professionals have taken the time to think about their careers. With a little extra downtime, It was the perfect opportunity time to consider how their career is progressing and assess  if it is moving in the right direction. For many, that meant refocusing on career development.   If you are one of the many individuals considering your professional development, you may wonder the […]