Generational Trends and Workforce Strategies That Work

Generational Trends and Workforce Strategies That Work The Panther Group

The multi-generational workforce: your employees have more in common than you might think. Over the last few years, there has been a great deal of conversation about how different generations approach work and the best way to manage them in the workplace. It turns out much of what we thought we knew about generational differences in the […]

Why You Should Support the Career Development of Your Employees

You hire people for specific roles for which they have the required education, skills and experience. If they are successful in their current role, why should you support their career development? Won’t they outgrow their current position, leaving you with a gap to fill? That is a possibility, but not something you can control. With the current […]

4 Glaring Problems The C-suite Should Focus on Fixing Now

As a C-level executive, you know all too well that any hangup or issue plaguing your company ultimately leads to loss – be it loss of time, loss of manpower, or loss of potential profits. You probably also know that there are no shortage of these potential hangups, either; more than likely, some monkey wrench […]