How To Manage Relationships At Work in a Virtual World

In a shared workplace, relationships evolve naturally. You chat before a meeting starts, bump into people in the hall, and before you know it, you’re taking lunch with the same group of friends every day. You might get to know executives you wouldn’t usually see because you frequently end up in the same elevator or… Read more

Remote Work? How To Be More Productive (Even in Your Pajamas)

Remote Work_ How To Be More Productive (Even in Your Pajamas) - The Panther Group

Companies recognize the cost savings from reducing overhead expenses such as office space, equipment, and utilities. That makes it likely that remote or hybrid work is here to stay, at least for some positions. Geographic limits to recruiting the best talent are virtually non-existent with this model. That means work-from-anywhere opportunities will continue to increase.… Read more

Training Your Team Effectively in 2021: How Adults Learn Best in a Remote World

The Panther Group - Training Your Team Effectively in 2021_ How Adults Learn Best in a Remote World

As remote work becomes more commonplace, businesses are taking a step back and considering methods that take a proactive, strategic approach to including  work-from-home options. Many companies acted quickly to pivot to remote work during the pandemic, but such this reactive approach often led to a patchwork solution, which was better than nothing, but not ideal.   Now, leaders have time to develop a more… Read more

Tips for Adjusting To Remote Work Long-Term

Tips for Adjusting To Remote Work Long-Term - The Panther Group

In March 2020, when many of us were suddenly thrust into the world of remote work, we thought it would be just a couple of weeks and were willing to make do with whatever we had on hand. Now that it’s a long term or, for some, permanent workplace reality. That means that even if… Read more

Business Lessons We Learned From the Shutdown

The pandemic was a big surprise to most of us. Even when we prepare for emergencies, not too many people are ready for a catastrophe on this scale. But as we cautiously come out of the worst of the experience, it’s an excellent time to consider what we learned about how we do business and… Read more