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Find The Right Fit

The hiring process and job search can feel like finding one edge-piece in a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Whether you are a company looking for the right employee or a professional looking for the right job opportunity, you are keenly aware that being a great fit is essential. Dig deeper than the word, culture-fit, and you’ll find stronger bonds that a company and their employees can have.

How Do You Know You’re A Great Fit?

1) Employees are Aligned With Company Values

If you’re not aligned with the vision and values of the company, you may not last long at the company whether by your choice of theirs.  There is a strong correlation between employee engagement with a company’s visions, processes, and products, that drives culture.  This is deeper than being a great “culture-fit.” Just ask Google who has recently lost a large number of very talented employees who protested the development of certain products for military uses.

2) The team’s professional skills deepen the value of the company

As a professional, the experiences that you add to your resume and the tools you add to your toolbox, make up a large portion of what you can contribute to an organization. However, these skills are not the sum total of what you can bring to the table. A great fit should expand the capabilities of a company either immediately or in the future. If you’re looking for talent, are you looking for the right skills?

3) The team’s soft skills enable diversity within the organization

Work ethic is arguably one of the top soft skills that employers look for, but if that’s not partnered with a full cadre of other soft skills, that may not be enough.  The ability to communicate effectively and work together on a team can be what brings a project to a successful conclusion with minimal waste. Having capable and confident people on a team drive better results than hiring just for culture fit. If you’re an employer, tap into the strengths of the people that you hire to develop and coach to deepen their connection with your goals and values while bringing a different perspective that deepens the team’s diversity. If you’re an employee pursue roles within the company that compliment your strengths and experiences.

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