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How to Maximize the Benefits of An MSP Relationship

Having a good relationship with a managed service provider is crucial to keeping your job openings filled and your other staffing functions cared for. Panther’s services can help you ensure workforce compliance, streamline communication between hiring managers and staffing suppliers, handle administrative tasks, find talent through various vendors, and manage your contingent workforce. And for your company, the stakes are high—you want to optimize efficiency, profitability, and performance. Here’s how you can squeeze the most out of an MSP relationship. 

What Are the Benefits of Working With An MSP?

Recruit your culture 

 An MSP should help you recruit and hire professionals who reflect your company’s culture. They should treat applicants properly, offer job opportunities to the right candidates and work quickly and efficiently so you don’t have jobs that are vacant for too long. During the onboarding process, your MSP should promote the type of culture you’re looking to develop. And when they’re off-boarded, they should have a positive experience that they would be happy to work for you again. 

Centralized process 

 MSPs have a consistent, centralized process to handle your staffing needs, but they can be flexible enough to handle those more complex issues and considerations. They have experts on staff who can handle those special circumstances and ensure compliance.  

Prioritize compliance 

 Although compliance can be a complicated matter, an MSP model will help with setting up procedures to make sure contingent workers can report their hours, overtime wages, and other compliance issues. When it comes time to terminate or turnover a worker, this model can keep the process professional. And they can help you avoid worker’s compensation claims. 

Manage costs 

 An MSP can help you reduce administrative costs. Plus, they can quickly hire employees and find you the right kind of talent managing suppliers affording an extended pool of talent ultimately helping you perform your company’s core duties for the right compensation. They know where the right talent can be found and they know how to negotiate with suppliers to land a solution that’s acceptable to all. By ensuring compliance and completing thorough background checks, they can minimize your risks of fines and penalties and lessen the chances of high turnover. And because they’ve centralized the system of tracking overtime and hours worked, there are less billing issues.  

Manage Your Workforce More Efficiently!

There are so many benefits to partnering with The Panther Group as your managed staffing provider. Work with Panther to tailor a solution that’s best for your company. For more information on how your company can maximize the benefits of an MSP relationship, contact our team at The Panther Group. 

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