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Tips for Implementing Your 2020 Vision, Managing Change and Keeping Your Employees Motivated

Your company is coming up on a pivotal year—either sustaining the path of growth that you’re already on or implementing changes that can make a significant impact on your organizationMuch of that depends on communication—the messages and the stories you tell your team. Here are some tips for implementing your 2020 vision, managing change, and keeping your employees motivated 

How To Communicate And Implement a New Vision To Your Team and Get Their Buyin

Vision comes from mission 

Your vision for the company’s coming year should be founded in your company’s mission. Where you can go is based on where you are currentlyYour mission statement is the foundation when envisioning your goals for the year. Both should align with the goals and values you’ve already established 

Think toward the future  

To formulate a realistic vision for your company, consider what your industry will look like in one year, three years, ten years and beyond. Are there changes you can anticipateHow will new technologies and trends change how you do business? Will your competition spur change for you? Establish a timeframe for realizing your vision that is compatible with your goals and milestones. 

Communicate to your team 

If your vision for the year represents significant change, you may see resistance among some team membersManage change effectively by taking an intentional and consistent approach to communicating your messageWhenever possible, avoid withholding information. Employees appreciate details about what is expected to change and how it will affect them. And they will want to know the reasons for change and what the goals are. When they are well informed, they will feel like a respected part of the team and more likely to trust your leadership. 

Provide support 

Change is difficult for many people, so give them guidance and support to help them cope. They worry they’ll lose their jobs, be charged with too much responsibility, or be expected to relearn what they already knew. You’re asking them to leave comfort and familiarity. Assist them along the way. Provide a point of contact for questions and concerns. Consider an online chat room or bot to receive complaints and to help troubleshoot issues. 

 Praise and encourage your team 

Don’t hesitate to tell your employees directly that their efforts are making a difference—everything is going according to plan, and the company is nearing its goals. Continue to communicate openly, praise their efforts, and reward achievements. Share inspirational blog posts, photos, and videos to keep people moving forward. Host events that unite people for team building and socialization  

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