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Beyond Staffing: How an MSP Can Improve Your Process

Many companies are seeking a more efficient and cost-effective method of staffing. An MSP can offer a range of services that streamline management of their contingent workforce and control spend. A managed service provider (MSP) can help your company manage its contingent workforce, the vendor supply chain, and handle many other administrative tasks to help your business operate more efficiently. Their expertise can lead to better hires and fewer errors. Here is an overview of what an MSP has to offer.

One-stop shopping

Working with a single point of contact rather than individuals from multiple staffing firms is a much more efficient method of handling your outsourcing. This is the strength of MSPs. Not only can they recruit and acquire talented employees for you, but they can also manage your payroll, ensure compliance, and minimize overhead.

Talent acquisition

MSPs are industry and hiring experts. They can serve as the liaison for your hiring managers and staffing agencies. They know the local and industry market and can provide competitive intelligence on compensation. An MSP has experience facilitating flexible work arrangements, such as temporary staffing, independent contractors, freelance and salaried employees.

On- and off-boarding assistance

In addition to vetting and interviewing candidates, MSPs can help onboard and orient new hires so that they’re prepared to perform on the job and feel comfortable in your unique company culture. When it is time to part ways with employees, the MSP will ensure you adhere to the right legal procedures and that both parties separate on the best possible terms.

Vendor compliance

MSPs make it their business to keep up with labor regulations and government requirements. Laws and regulations change frequently, and it practically takes a full-time staff to stay current. An MSP can also keep an eye on physical and cybersecurity, high labor costs, fraud, and other problems that might occur without the proper procedures and oversight.

Commitment to your business

The Panther Group MSP will partner with you to get to know your company intimately, learning your culture, mission, and staffing needs so we can anticipate your needs. We understand that every company is unique. To serve you well, The Panther Group will research your company, evaluate your employment requirements, and tailor a hiring program suited specifically for you.

Are you looking for a better way to manage your workforce?

To learn more, contact the MSP specialists at The Panther Group.


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