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These Are the 3 Characteristics of Someone Who Works with The Panther Group

At The Panther Group, we like to take the time to highlight the efforts of our team. Whether they do their jobs in our workplace or yours, these are 3 of the reasons why our team is so fantastic! Thank you team!

3 Characteristics We Value At The Panther Group

Characteristic #1:  Expertise

Our staffing and recruitment team gets to know the needs of your organization and those of the candidates we work with. Every employee we send you to evaluate for a fulltime position or to join your contract team, will have the qualifications, experience and work ethic to fit seamlessly into your organization. This saves you time and money and enables you to get more done.


It has been a rewarding experience since I have learned a lot and professionalism is very good as well. the support they give you and teamwork helps you a lot to improve the service provided ~Katherine 

Characteristic #2:  Attitude

Our team at The Panther Group treats our contractors exceptionally well. They do their utmost to find them just the right job as quickly as possible. They are available for questions and advice whenever they are needed. They also go above and beyond to get the job done. Whether that mean reaching out to a passive candidate, or finding individuals with specific skills, TPG employees go the extra mile to make the right match.


Great experience. I was reached out to through Indeed and had informative discussions, great communication, coordination between myself and the employer, quick return calls, questions answered. ~Lisa 

Characteristic #3: Diversity

Variety is essential to a dynamic and productive workforce. Each person is unique and brings something different to the table. Diversity is not just a way to meet legal requirements, it’s sure to improve the overall quality of your team. The Panther Group’s commitment to diversity recruitment ensures you are exposed to candidates with a broad range of backgrounds, ideas and experience. It’s the only way to keep up with an ever-changing marketplace for 2020 and beyond.


I’ve had a wonderful experience with the company. I’m so happy to be working with such a great company that shows compassion to their employees. ~Jessica 

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