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5 Characteristics of Companies People Love to Work For

Competitive salary and benefits are essential, but equally important is an environment where people feel respected, valued, and empowered. Here are five characteristics of companies that people love to work for. It takes more than flashy perks to inspire undying devotion and loyalty from your employees. It is often intangible, feel-good characteristics that give people confidence they have chosen to work for a quality company.

What Does Your Company Need To Be an Employer of Choice?

1. Employees are held to a high standard

The best employees want more from their professional life than to go through the motions and just collect a weekly paycheck. They want to be challenged! They are attracted to companies that have high expectations, a highly selective interview process, and demanding responsibilities. Companies that hire judiciously, taking the time to get to know each job applicant, gain a reputation for hiring top talent. This will attract individuals who hold themselves to a higher standard as well.

2. Recognize and reward good work

The best companies value each employee’s contributions and take the time to them for their dedication. When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to be engaged and strive for success. Incentive programs that reward achievements with bonuses, vacation time, awards, and other small gifts, can be highly motivating for people. These companies treat their employees as valued partners and recognize their individualized skills, lifestyles, and needs. Many even offer paid parental and family leave, flex time, onsite daycare, and wellness programs.

3. Promote a sense of purpose

The best companies give employees the sense that their work has meaning. They seek to make a positive impact on the world and expect their employees to do the same. Whether it’s quality service or improving the community around them, their purpose is ingrained in their mission statement and guides everything their employees do.

4. Prioritize a culture of learning

Companies can show employees that they value them by investing in employee growth and success. They provide the training and support they need for in their current job and to help prepare them for the next steps in their career. That could include conferences, workshops, online courses, internal training, or mentorships. The company’s leadership recognizes that extra direction and training benefits their business as employees use their new skills immediately and by making people feel valued and respected, they’re earning employee loyalty.

5. They admit when there’s a problem

The best companies acknowledge when they have made a mistake or need to change and are willing to work to get better. They lead by example promoting integrity, hard work, and honesty, earning trust from both employees and customers.

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