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How To Take as Much Uncertainty Out of Your Career as Possible

How To Take as Much Uncertainty Our of Your Career as Possible - The Panther Group

Career uncertainty is normal right now. Companies are cutting back or going out of business. Others are overwhelmed by demand. In the face of all this, it’s only natural for employees to be anxious. How can you take as much uncertainty as possible out of your career? Focus on what you can control. 

Career Tips That Can Reduce Uncertainty

1. Work for yourself 

That doesn’t mean you have to launch your own business, although many professionals are setting out on their own. Instead, Build transferable skills, and you can take them with you if you need to or leverage them to make yourself more valuable to your current employer. Even when companies want to work at full capacity, layoffs can sometimes be inevitable. You can protect yourself by treating your career as your own small business.  

2. Nurture your network 

Don’t wait until you need something to reach out to others in your network. Stay in touch with others in your field to share best practices and contacts. Talk to people outside your field as well in case you need to pivot to another industry to make the most of your skills. Meeting for coffee isn’t realistic right now, but you can chat on Facetime or Zoom. You can also create a small group to meet via video regularly for support and advice.  

3. Build an emergency fund 

It’s never been more important to give yourself some financial security. Many of the items and experiences you normally spend money on are on hold right now. Why not consider this an opportunity to put that money aside for emergencies. Also, consider postponing the purchase of non-essential big-ticket items. Knowing you’ve got an emergency fund to rely on can give you more career confidence. You’re less likely to be forced to take a job you don’t love because you need the money.  

4. Work with a recruiting firm 

Make contact with a recruiter you can trust before you need one. Choose an expert in your field and let them know what you’re interested in hearing about. Laying the groundwork now will prevent you from scrambling at the last minute if you find yourself in need of a job.  

Ready to take control of your career?  

The Panther Group can help. Our recruiters have built long-standing relationships decisionmakers at a wide range of employers. When you are ready to explore your options, get in touch. 

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