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Building Resilience Into Your Team Takes Planning and Practice (And the right people in place)

Building Resilience Into Your Team Takes Planning and Practice (And the right people in place) - The Panther Group

Resilience is an important quality to nurture under any circumstance, but it takes on a whole new level of importance in the current business climate. Psychologists believe the most resilient people have a high level of confidence in their abilities, consistent work routines and strong social and family support. Employers can encourage this ability with a thoughtful approach 

How To Build a Great Business By Building A Great Team

1. Check in with employees 

Ensure your team members have the tools, resources, and abilities to perform their jobs effectively under trying circumstances. In times of transition or high levels of stress, you may need to border on micromanaging to get your employees off on the right foot. Discuss how they are planning their days, managing their workload, and handling stress. Share strategies that work for you such as prioritizing tasks, time-blocking or other productivity tactics.  

2. Show compassion to your team 

When employees have your support, it can increase their confidence. Be understanding if a child is crying or a dog barking in the background. If they require special accommodations or equipmentdo your best to provide them with what they need to perform their job successfully. It’s easy to assume people are fully equipped at home when many are not. 

3. Help people look at the big picture 

Resilient people hope for the best but plan for the worst. When confronted with a new reality, it’s common to think it will pass soon and not make a longterm coping plan. At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many people assumed it would pass in a couple of weeks, so they made the best of what they had on hand. But employees working from home for months or longer need more than a laptop and a couch. They need an ergonomic workstation and a plan to handle distractions.  

4. Build a resilience team 

Identify people in your organization who are capable of adapting well to change. They can work with others in the company to share strategies and help people do their best under trying circumstances. Ideally, work can provide stability in times of uncertainty.  

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