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Great Leaders Develop The Strengths of Their Team – Here’s How

Great Leaders Develop The Strengths of Their Team - Here's How - The Panther Group

When developing your team, leaders can focus on developing their strengths or overcoming their weaknesses. Unless they fall short in skills vital to performing their jobs effectively, it’s more positive and productive to develop their strengths. They will gain a sense of mastery and the ability to hone their expertise.

5 Ways To Develop Your Team’s Strengths

Recognize your own strengths

When you know your abilities, you can decide which tasks to focus on and which to delegate. For example, if big picture thinking comes easily to you, but you struggle with knowing how to market your ideas, you can trust that aspect to a team member. A team member with strong writing skills can handle press releases and social media while you concentrate on strategy.

Analyze your team

Note both what they do well and what they enjoy. This step will help to ensure each employee is in the right place. Talk to them one on one to find out if what they like and don’t like about their jobs and what their ambitions are. It won’t matter how well they can perform in a position if they don’t enjoy the work, or it doesn’t bring them closer to their career goals. It should be an ongoing conversation because goals and interests can change. An employee who is not interested in a developing themselves for a management role when they have family obligations may be eager to join the leadership ranks once their responsibilities have lessened.

Consider mentorship

Mentorship is a valid way to develop team members. Ensure mentorships are two-way because everyone has something to offer. More experienced employees can help show less experienced employees the ropes and share institutional knowledge while more junior employees can keep the experienced person’s mindset fresh by introducing new concepts and technologies that the more senior employee may not know.

Training programs

Putting a formal management training program in place can help you develop the leaders of tomorrow. It will improve engagement and retention and give you a way to promote from within the company. Focused training programs will let your team members shine in their own right and give them a sense of autonomy and increased confidence.

Hire better

Assessing and building strengths gives you the ability to recognize talent and promote from within. It also helps you make better hiring decisions. You can hire for skills gaps, giving you a much more strategic way to hire.

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