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Workplace Equity Issues Leaders Should Address This Year

Workplace Equity Issue Leaders Should Address This Year - The Panther Group

While workplace equity issues have been brought to the forefront, they are not new to the business world. It’s never been more critical for leaders to confront them in them head-on. The most important step is to recognize inequity. Some people don’t believe sexism or racism still exist because their manager is a woman, or they will just as happily talk to their black neighbor over their back fence as their white neighbor. They don’t see that their manager is making less than her peers or that their neighbor will be passed over for a well-deserved promotion. 

What are the most critical equity issues to focus on for leaders?  


Employers must build a diverse and inclusive culture, both officially and informally. There should, of course, be anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies in place, but culture is equally important. People from all walks of life should be welcomed, not merely tolerated. Adjust your recruitment strategies to attract a more diverse candidate pool to your company. 


Be clear with employees about how decisions are made regarding hiring, lateral transfers, and promotions. If an employee is not promoted, managers should discuss any deficits in their skills, experience, or performance and work with them to create a plan to develop them professionally to be ready for the next opportunity. If managers do not believe these deficits can be overcome, they should inform the employee. The individual can decide if they can be happy remaining in their current role or if they want to pursue other avenues. 

Payroll Audits 

One of the ways that employers can ensure equity is by being completely open about pay scales. Employers sometimes worry this will sew discontent, but compensation should be dictated by skills, experience, and performance, not the ability to negotiate. This transparency and prevent pay inequity, which frequently fall along gender and racial lines. Employers should proactively evaluate employee compensation and correct any disparities. 

Workplace Equity and The Panther Group 

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