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Don’t Miss Diversity When Engaging In A Direct-Hire Search

Don't Miss Diversity When Engaging In A Direct-Hire Search The Panther Group

When recruiting for a direct hire position, you’re likely to start with an extensive list of must-have and like-to-have requirements for your new hire. When you’re making your list, be sure diversity is near the top. Diversity can bring a lot to your organization. That’s why it’s important to make it a priority.

Why Is Diversity Essential To Organizations?

It just makes business sense. Let’s run some of the numbers.

Don’t Place the Full Burden on HR

Employers sometimes make the error of focusing diversity initiatives too far from the day-to-day activities where the role will have impact. While upper management and HR must be well-versed in diversity advantages, it’s vital to get buy-in from direct supervisors and coworkers also. Diversity initiatives work best when you get buy-in at all levels. It will even help broaden employee viewpoint when offering referrals.

Expand Your Definition of Diversity

When the topic of diversity in direct hiring comes up, hiring managers may first think only of diversity as it relates to race, gender, or nationality. Extending your recruiting efforts in these categories is essential, but don’t stop there. When envisioning your ideal candidate for a job, think about whether they must have a degree/advanced degree to succeed on the job or is a proven record of success just as good.

Cast a Wider Net

Because of the pandemic, many jobs have successfully shifted to work from home. This opens your talent pool geographically, but it also opens doors for disabled candidates. If you have a small business, retrofitting your building to accommodate a single employee could be prohibitively expensive. If their home is already set up for them to work effectively, you may be able to welcome them to your team with only minor modifications to how you do business. Truly a win-win.

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