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Attracting Top Contingent IT Talent with an MSP

Having access to a ready-made pool of contingent talent in this job market could give you a competitive edge. If that talent has technical acumen, it could be the point of differentiation that sets you even further apart as a leader in your industry. But who has access to IT talent these days? Korn Ferry reports there will be more than 85 million jobs unfilled by 2030, something that they call an “$8.5 trillion talent shortage.”

Certainly, finding developers and other IT talent right now is an expensive proposition. Having an available pool of expertise takes money, but managing the search and relationship building process is something your HR team simply doesn’t have time for. What’s the solution to the difficult question of our IT talent shortage?

You can find the answer within the possibilities of a partnership with an IT managed service provider company.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider or MSP in the staffing world is a third-party business focused on contingent workforce management. In the case of companies like The Panther Group, outsourcing is focused on managed IT solutions in the form of human talent.


How does this work? Companies of all sizes have always used contingent workforce models to staff up in times of need. You’re probably most familiar with contingent workforce management strategies in retail during seasonal increases in purchasing. Over time, contingent workforce management expanded to all areas of the business, but particularly IT, as our companies became more dependent on technology and the staff to support these initiatives.

How Can an MSP Provide Top IT Talent?

The process of managing temporary or contract workers has always been a full-time job. Unfortunately, these new models were often simply piled at the feet of the existing HR team, overburdening them in the process with the job of sourcing, hiring, and managing these workers. This became much harder as the demand for IT staff outstripped our ability to find the talent we needed. Over the past decade, this problem has increased.


Finding IT talent, even at the junior level, is a full-time job. That’s exactly the niche that a managed IT solutions provider can fill. In the staffing world, MSPs offer outsourced managed IT services that improve the efficiency of the contracting process by focusing entirely on sourcing, screening, hiring, and managing this workforce.

There are three keys to the success of a good managed IT solutions provider:

  • Proactively building relationships with a broad range of IT experts.
  • Having access to smarter technology to find these candidates.
  • Consistent and increased visibility in the IT field that establishes credibility and trust with top talent.

Broad Range of Information Technology Experts Available

An MSP can provide their clients with IT staff augmentation services to supplement an existing team struggling to meet deployment deadlines. But how is a staffing MSP able to find temporary talent when your own HR team struggles to even fill permanent IT positions?


The answer lies in our ability to proactively build relationships with IT talent over time. Today, it’s safe to assume that very few tech candidates actively apply to jobs. Yet the numbers show us that more than 50% of developers say they are open to new opportunities if they come their way. However, they are not actively applying or looking. This passive job search process requires a new recruiting strategy focused on proactively attracting talent to your business.


Managed IT solutions providers have the time and energy to do one thing: build a strong contingent IT labor pool on your behalf. Outsourced managed IT services mean that the partner you hire can build an outstanding database of technology talent. Can your business say they have a broad range of available IT talent to call on should the need arise? The answer is almost certainly, “No.”


Building a proactive IT talent pool is a constant process that firms such as The Panther Group have been working on for years. That means, when you have a need for IT staff augmentation services, we can respond with a broad range of information technology experts to fill the need.


Access to Latest Technology

Not only do the best contingent IT recruitment services have tools that help them source and screen for those “needle in a haystack” candidates, but we also have the technology for contingent workforce management. These technology tools help monitor and report on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter to your project. This gives clients that leverage IT staff augmentation services a way to fully view the productivity and performance of their contingent labor pool. This improves hiring quality, cost, and even the deliverables that this contingent workforce offers your business. It’s a level of transparency that you likely don’t have now — but you should.


Increased Visibility

Today, even small firms can access the highest quality tech talent by working with an IT managed service provider. These firms have been on the radar of the nation’s top technical experts for years, working hands-on in and with the IT industry to build these relationships.

When you partner with a managed IT solutions provider you reap the benefit of the increased visibility that comes from years of working with these experts. Instead of breaking new ground in the IT space when you need talent, you can leverage the benefits of contingent IT recruitment services teams who have built credibility with these talent networks for many years.


Advantages to Sourcing Contingent IT Labor Through an MSP

Hiring an outsourced managed IT services company offers your business some distinct advantages. An on-demand contingent workforce brings new skills, fresh perspectives, and innovation to your existing IT team. Some of the top advantages of IT staff augmentation services


  • Cost efficiencies unmatched by a full-time labor force.
  • Compliance-focused workforce with the latest skills.
  • The scalability of an on-demand IT team.
  • Frees up your existing IT staff to focus on core goals.
  • Reduces business risks of adding full-time staff without the full-time work.


Let’s break down these benefits of managed IT solutions to understand their true value to your organization.


Hiring IT staff is an incredible cost center. If you’re a small business, the salaries of senior technology talent is likely out of reach. Contingent workforce management can reduce operational costs by only using what you need — there is no bench after a project deploys. This can help conserve your capital budget while also lowering your IT operating expenses. The IT managed service provider takes on the cost and risk of the workforce and their benefits. You “subscribe” to this service and only pay for the talent you need when you need them the most. It makes for a level of efficiency for your business that can be far superior to hiring FTEs.

Compliant Workforce

Having an IT managed service provider in your corner means you’ll work closely with a contingent workforce that is up-to-date on the latest technology and rules governing your industry. If your existing team is managing legacy software, IT staff augmentation services can bring new technology and fresh perspectives into the current environment. We’ve seen this “freshening up” do a number of positive things for our partner organizations, including spotting compliance red flags simply because having an outside set of fresh eyes can spot behaviors that have become the norm within your culture. In this way, it’s like having a technology and workflow audit as part of your managed IT solution.

On-Demand Information Technology Support

The scalability of managed IT solutions is real. Given how quickly technology changes, it makes sense to have a resource on standby to step in to support business growth when (and if) you need it. Having an on-demand IT team allows you to scale without any detrimental downtime that follows a deployment. That scalability is typically much faster than your internal HR team can supply, in large part because an IT-managed service staffing provider already has access to a network of talent standing by to help. These resources have been built over years of methodical effort and are maintained religiously by these staffing firms who focus on one thing only: Building networks of IT talent.

Outsourcing Can Help an IT Firm to Hyper-Focus on Internal Goals

One of the benefits of contingent IT recruitment services that is often unexpected is that these teams can free up your existing staff to focus on core internal goals. This is not only for your IT team but also for human resources, because managed IT solutions are truly that — managed. We handle everything from recruiting to reporting, payroll, benefits, and of course, supervising the workforce we employ. Imagine the time this frees up not only within your overloaded technology team but for everyone in your business.

Mitigate Business Risks

Your managed IT solutions team can eliminate the risk from the hiring and staff management process. An MSP that handles all of the elements surrounding your contingent workforce eliminates risks associated with these relationships. Compliance becomes a no-brainer. Workforce management is a hands-off process. MSPs can handle strategic relationships between talent but also contracted vendors and more. Contingent workforce management companies offer a vast network of supplier relationships that you can draw upon in addition to the IT talent they offer.


This certainly can save time and money, but it’s the element of removed risk associated with employment that makes these arrangements highly beneficial to companies.


Revolutionize Your Information Technology Firm with the IT Staff Augmentation Services at The Panther Group

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