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Labor Day Shoutouts! Thank You From Team Panther!

Labor Day Thank you The Panther Group

This is a shout-out to all the people who choose to trust The Panther Group as their career partner.

Thank you for trusting us throughout the interviews, the onboarding, and ongoing communication.

We know that it is not an easy process but we hope that we are able to make it just a little bit more manageable and that maybe the relationship has turned into a true partnership.

We’d like to spotlight some of the comments that people have sent us recently.  Thanks again and Happy Labor Day!

Comments Job Seekers Sent The Panther Group Recently About Their Experience With Our Recruiters and Process

“The experience was great and onboarding was very easy. My recruiter is Kelly Sonstroem and she is wonderful.”

“Great service. Thank you.”

“I felt that I was already welcomed to join the team. Can’t wait. Thank you.”

“The Panther Group is the best! :)”

“Ashley Dinesen my contact was amazing and made the whole process painless. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a point of contact in any hiring process.”

“I enjoyed it, and I was always informed when needed and my questions were always answered. I also felt important.”

“The Panther Group was with me every step of the way. It was constant contact between the employer and myself. They served as the perfect liaison to not only speak on my behalf but was able to give concise instructions from the employer as well. I want to thank John Sabbagh, in particular, for his expertise, knowledge, and being a great person of the people.”

“I have enjoyed working with the company. Everyone has been so nice and professional to me. They helped me get a job when I really needed it.”

“Panther Group is amazing my recruiter Kelly Sonstroem is amazing she went above and beyond to help and she checks in regularly. She answers all my questions in a timely manner she is knowledgeable. I can’t say enough about her.”

“Everyone I have come in contact with at the Panther Group have been very helpful. Being assigned to a key contact at the beginning really helped. Especially while I was completing the initial paperwork. Great job Panther Group.

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“Ashley Dineen did a fantastic job. She helped me prep for interviews and kept me well informed on the process. She also was a great help during the offer process and was able to get a couple changes made to the offer, without which I would not have been able to accept. Im very happy with my new position and organization.”

“very pleasant and very professional. I am always able to get in touch with my recruiter if needed.”

Rebecca and the Panther Group help me find the perfect job and challenge and most of all the chance to grow and move up, Thanks Rebecca and The Panther Group”

“Dan contacted me about the job opening and was very helpful during the whole interview process. Dan and Mike were both helpful during the job offer negotiation process and helped me secure my new job. I have been at my job for six months so far and it’s a perfect fit.”

“I had never worked with a recruiter before my experience with Rich Kirk at Panther. I did not know what to expect from Rich or what he expected from me. Our initial discussion was very low key and informative. I remember feeling relaxed almost immediately and able to communicate without lots of effort. Rich asked some very good questions and was able to answer those that I asked him. He knew a great deal about the prospective employer and was willing to share this information freely. When it came time to review my resume and format it properly, Rich was very helpful. He suggested some small changes that improved the flow of it and helped to tie things together. Rich was always very responsive but never did I feel any pressure from him. He stayed involved throughout the interview and offer process without interfering in any way. Both of felt fairly sure that I would be a good fit for the position. Rich also believed that I would enjoy working for this organization. He was correct on both counts. Rich has kept in touch with the occasional phone call to follow up on how things are working out. I have been happy to report that all is well and thank him for all of his help.”

“Great experience with Charlotte Bonilla!”

“My experience with the Panther Group has been wonderful. Darlene Vargas is very informative and kind. She is always available to help me with any questions I have. I would highly recommend The Panther Group to anyone interested in career search help from a staffing agency!”

“I felt I was in good hands from the get-go. Great staff who really appear to care about patient security and safety. Thanks.”

“A very professional team.”

“The experience I had was great. Easy to manage the site and very user friendly. I would recommend The Panther Group.”

“The recruiter reached out to me with a fantastic opportunity, was supportive, prepped me well for interviews, provided timely feedback. She was great.”

If you’re unsure about finding a job through a recruiter or a firm like The Panther Group, we encourage you to try us out! 

We do our best to make the interview process seamless and to get you connected with the right opportunities not just a random job.

Here are a few resources for you as you explore your option and possible next steps in your career

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Tips for Working in a Hybrid or Remote Job

The Benefits of Administrative Jobs

Tips for Applying to the Right Jobs

 Searching For a Job or the Next Step in Your Career?

It costs you nothing to find a job through The Panther Group! We elevate careers in the following industries and professions: ProfessionalAccounting & FinanceEngineeringLife SciencesInformation Technologyand Federal  

To connect and build your career – call 855-899-JOBS (5627)    

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