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The Value-Adds of Having a Strategic Recruitment Partner

What's The Real Value of Having a True Strategic Recruitment Partner? The Panther Group

Businesses are only as profitable as their ability to find, hire and retain talent to accomplish goals. Many companies employ their own HR and recruitment teams.  Some outsource these tasks.  Some businesses find that working with a staffing and recruitment firm on a more strategic level truly becomes the best option for them.  With a real partnership, the company benefits in several ways. Here are several ways companies benefit from working strategically with a recruitment partner.

Five Ways Companies Benefit from a Strategic Recruitment Partner

1. Access To Deeper and More Talent Pools

If you are looking for specific talent, a recruiting firm often has built up pools of talent to be able to draw from quickly when the need arises.  For instance, our team of experienced professionals has not only built up their own professional networks, our company has also built and nurtured deep talent pools over the last 30 years from which we can source top talent, quickly.  Our clients directly benefit from these connections by engaging with us in Direct Hire or Executive searches.  This also benefits our clients who need access to large pools of professional talent with call center, human resources, marketing, and customer support experience.

We’ve built out strategic talent pools in these areas: a variety of professional roles, office, administrative, call center, customer service,  life sciences, a wide range of engineering disciplines, information technology, accounting, and finance.

Looking for talent? Contact us today for a consultation.

2. Reduce Employment Risks

These risks can include the misclassification of workers. Letting your recruitment firm partner with your company to avoid fines and other complications due to misclassification is a huge benefit.

Top recruitment firms also provide contract-to-hire options to reduce the odds that your new hire isn’t the right fit for a role. After the contract period is completed, you’re able to take the employee onto your payroll or work with the recruitment firm to find other options.

Additionally, if your company is scaling operations up and down, top recruitment firms can help you manage those employment risks as well.

3. Become an Employer of Choice

Companies can often benefit from working with a recruitment firm to improve their own reputation as an employer.  Employee complaints come from a variety of situations that a professional staffing firm can focus on improving for you.  From sourcing to onboarding and on the job HR support, this is one area that top national staffing firms excel at.

At The Panther Group, we help our clients find top professional talent that is attracted to the best companies and we’re able to do it because we’ve nurtured these relationships over the years.  We value our candidate relationships tremendously, and this goodwill transfers to our clients as well.

4. Adaptability

As your company is growing, flexing and scaling, it’s important to have the right people in the right seats.  From the c-suite to call center, admin and marketing teams, having quick access to talent is paramount.

At The Panther Group, our Manages Staffing services help to increase profitability and improve performance while streamlining your staffing and management functions. Panther handles every admin task, including payrolling, preparing job requisitions, and managing your staffing supply chain and temporary workforce.

5. Reduce Time To Hire

When your company has access to deeper and more diverse talent pools you’re able to find the right talent each time.  At the Panther Group we’ve built up and nurtured our talent pools across an array of disciplines and professional skills-sets, so that we can source talent efficiently and quickly. This ensures that our business partners are able to keep up with growth and get access to some of the best talent in the U.S.

Are you Looking to Build a Strong Team and want a Strong Recruitment Partner?

As one of the top national staffing firms, we are focused on your recruitment goals and strategy.  What we bring to the table is 30 years of recruitment experience and expertise to help you reach those goals. We don’t bring a one-size-fits-all solution to you, we truly want to partner with you to build the team you want and need.  If you’re researching staffing agencies and recruitment firms that can help you find talent, we encourage you to reach out today for a consultation.

As a top national staffing firm with over 30 years of experience and expertise, our hands-on approach and single point of contact ensure that each employer and job seeker is treated as our most important customer. This approach, combined with our specific industry knowledge, creates the right fit the first time. We can help you manage your staffing and workforce needs across a spectrum of professional skill sets.

We serve a variety of industries and can help you find talent in the following areasProfessionalAccounting & FinanceEngineeringLife SciencesInformation TechnologyFederal 

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